From 27 December to 03 January 2014

Spoleto (Umbria)

Albornoz Palace Hotel


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Place and Hotel

We are celebrating the New Year's Eve in Spoleto, in the heart of Italy, surrounded by a wonderful landscape and an unique artistic patrimony.

Spoleto is a small town in the province of Perugia leaning on Saint Elia's hill. This city is just like an enormous museum: its fortresses, its streets and buildings are perfectly preserved evidences of its long history and witness the romantic contradictions of the past.
Let's start from the "Rocca Albornoziana", the stronghold on the top of the hill that has been scrutinizing Spoleto since 1370. Its construction was ordered by the Pope when, after 70 years in Avignon, the seat of the Church was going to be moved to Rome again. Innocent VI ordered to build the stronghold in order to demonstrate the authority of the Church and avoid the risk of assaults. Strange move for a Pope! The works were supervised by Cardinal Gil Álvarez Carrillo de Albornoz, who tried to hide the military appearance of the building by making it extremely elegant.
The Cathedral is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. It was Romanesque style, but in the seventeenth century Barberini retouched it in Baroque. Because of this touch, today two tiles of story perfectly merge in an only building. In the Eroli Bishop's Chapel, frescos by Pinturicchio are perfectly preserved.
Other exceptions of Spoleto are hidden in Saint Giovanni and Paolo's Church, were there is an example of chronicle from 1200 in the fresco representing the murder of Thomas Becket, which was painted right after the fact. The Towers' Bridge (great name!) is the highest existing Roman-Longobardic aqueduct. Flavia Vespasia Polla, (Roman Emperor Vespasian's mother) was very passionate about mosaics and high quality pavements: the ones in her house are still perfectly intact after 2,000 years. Then there is the Oil Tower, from which the strategic Spoleto threw boiling oil in order to eject enemies, so succeeding in expelling also Frederick I Barbarossa and Hannibal.

Albornoz Palace Hotel is equipped with every confort and with massage centre.
The Hotel was built in order to welcome musicians, actors, painters and dancers that come in Spoleto for the Festival of the two Worlds. This is why Superior and De Luxe rooms are carefully furnished and decoreted with creativity and have a personalized title each. Who stays there has the impression to sleep inside an artwork!
Catering is committed by the Chefs of Apollinare Restaurant. Menus are studied with passion and inspiration and prepared with the best national ingredients combined with the tastes of the tradition of Umbria. Rooms are equipped with air-conditioner, strongbox, satellite TV, minibar and WI-FI coverage. Small pets are allowed. Excursions are organized on demand.

We are greeting 2013 and welcoming 2014 together. During the New Year's Eve party live music will be played. The New Year's Eve dinner and party's cost is included in the holiday participation fee.

Participation fee per person

For 7 nights, from December 27th 2013 to January 3rd 2014

- € 860 in Comfort double room *
- € 930 in Superior double room
- € 1.050 in De Luxe double room
- € 1.200 in Junior Suite room
- € 890 in Economy double room single usage *
- € 980 in Comfort double room single usage
- € 1.080 in Superior double room single usage

* limited availability

Participation fee includes:
- staying half board, including water and wines at meals
- New Year's Eve dinner and Party with live music
- Bridge lessons with Fulvio Fantoni
- WIFI in the rooms

Participation fee does not include:
- massages
- tournaments' entry fee (€ 8,00)
- eventual tourist tax
- anything not expressly mentioned
For informations and bookings please call: +39 349 2998146 or send an e-mail to info@fantonivacations.it
A deposit of € 300,00 is required at the time of booking. The balance has to be paid before December 12th.

The deposit won't be refunded for cancellations after December 15th 2013.

In our holidays

✓ Daily Bridge lesson with Fulvio Fantoni
✓ Afternoon and evening tournaments
✓ For each tournament we randomly draw Fulvio’s partner
✓ Bridgemates are in use and the results are shown in live-time on a megascreen
✓ If you don’t have a partner, you will always find somebody to play with
✓ Vincenzo is available to share information about BBO and Bridge softwares
✓ Overall ranking of all the tournaments, considering the best 6 results of each player.

Plan of the week

Friday December 27th
21.20 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Saturday December 28th
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Sunday December 29th
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Monday December 30th
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Tuesday December 31st
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
19.30 on     New Year's Eve

Wednesday January 1st
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Thursday January 2nd
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     VUGRAPH Pairs tournament

Friday January 3rd
The day of the departure the check-out must be accomplished within 10.00

The schedule could be modified

Entry fee for each tournament is € 8,00 per player. All the tournaments are valid to obtain FIGB points. During all the tournaments we are using bridgemates and the running ranking is live-time updated and displayed on a mega-screen. They will also be available on our website at the end of the game.The tournaments will be organized by the international tournament director Bernardo Biondo.

Before every tournament (except the VUGRAPH tournament, during which Fulvio will play with the leader of the overall ranking) we are randomly drawing among all the guests a partner for Fulvio; his previous partner will play in partnership with Vincenzo.
We will set up an overall ranking of all the tournaments and the first six players (considering the seven best scores obtained) will be awarded. The running overall ranking will be daily exposed in the tournaments' hall.

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