From 06 July to 03 January 2015

Taormina (Messina)

Hotel Caparena


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Place and Hotel

 In the enchanting Sicily we will delight our "six" senses: the sight will be pleased by the unique landscapes and the wonderful colours; the touch will be warmed up by the sun; the hearing will be caressed on the bank and on the hinterland by the symphony of nature; the taste will be fulfilled by Sicilian savours; the sense of smell will be charmed by the essences of fruit, flowers, sea water and... the bridge will benefit from Fulvio's lessons, afternoon and evening tournaments.

Taormina is a strip of Paradise on Earth. (W. Goethe, Travels in Italy)
Taormina is on the Eastern coast of Sicily, between Catania and Messina. Its beaches overlook on the clear waters of the lukewarm Ionian Sea.
The sea isn't the only attraction of this town, whose charm attracted the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs... and many other populations that conquered it during its long history, making it a precious mosaic of cultures..
Corvaja Palace is an example of this: built in the center of Taormina, in the square that was the agorà during the Greek domination and later a Roman forum, it encloses many styles, from the Arabic architecture to the Gothic-Catalan, to the Norman ones.
The most famous monument of Taormina probably is the Greek Theatre, which is built on the promontory, just like if it was suspended between the sea and the sky, with the Calabrian and Ionian coasts and the Etna volcano in the background. It was the setting for the performances of the ancient Greeks and is still used nowadays: during summer, daily performances, concerts and cultural shows are held.
The Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Nicola. It seems like a stronghold for its stone facade, its battlements and its bell tower, which is also massive and austere.
Umberto road is the main road, extending between the ancient doors of Messina and Catania. Along the road there are many boutiques and shops, restaurants and bars, among architectural and artistic testimonies of different periods.

At Caparena Hotel we will be surrounded by Nature.
The building is embraced by the bloomering vegetation and its terraces overlook the Mediterrean Sea. The swimming pool is immersed among the palm trees and the bouganvilles plants.
The rooms are equipped with every confort and overlook on the sea or on the garden.
Stylish details, such as the baked clay floors and the elegant textile finishings embellish the spaces inside the Hotel. At the lunch and dinner table the savours of Sicily are combined with refined international gastronomy tastes. The Hotel has a wellness centre.

- Sea and beach: the Hotel stands on a quiet strip of coast. The limpid sea and the uncontaminated nature make this beach one of the most enchanting ones in Italy
- Wellness Centre: in the Wellness Centre of the Hotel many body treatments are available. The Spa also includes a special fitness area provided with Technogym equipments.
- Sightseeing and shopping: the Hotel is near the town center, which is reachable in 15 minutes by car. A free shuttle provided by the Hotel is also available.
The town center is filled with monuments from different ages and cultures. The green gardens of the Municipal Villa are ideal for a relaxing walk and Umberto main road offers a wonderful variety of shops and boutiques.
- Excursions: excursions from the Hotel to Etna volcano or Eolie islands can be easily organized.

Participation fee per person

For 7 nights, from July 6th to July 13th 2014

- € 970 in Classic double room
- € 1.200 in double room with view on the sea
- € 1.190 in Classic double room single use
- € 1.450 in double room single use with view on the sea

Participation fee includes:
- staying half board, beverages not included
- swimming-pools access
- Bridge lessons with Fulvio Fantoni

Participation fee does not include:
- beverages
- wellness treatments
- tournaments' entry fee (€ 8,00)
- eventual tourist tax
- anything not expressly mentioned
For information and bookings please call +39 349 2998146 or send an e-mail to info@fantonivacations.it
A deposit of € 300,00 is required at the time of booking. The balance has to be paid at least 15 days before the holiday starts.

The deposit won't be refunded for cancellations after June 30th 2014.

In our holidays

✓ Daily Bridge lesson with Fulvio Fantoni
✓ Afternoon and evening tournaments
✓ For each tournament we randomly draw Fulvio’s partner
✓ Bridgemates are in use and the results are shown in live-time on a megascreen
✓ If you don’t have a partner, you will always find somebody to play with
✓ Vincenzo is available to share information about BBO and Bridge softwares
✓ Overall ranking of all the tournaments, considering the best 6 results of each player.

Plan of the week

Sunday, July 6th
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Monday, July 7th
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Tuesday, July 8th
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Wednesday, July 9th
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Thursday, July 10th
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Friday, July 11th
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament

Saturday, July 12th
16.30 - 18.45     Pairs tournament
18.45 - 19.45     Bridge lesson by Fulvio
21.30 - 24.00     Pairs tournament VUGRAPH

Sunday, July 13th
The check-out must be accomplished within 10.00

The schedule could be modified

Entry fee for each tournament is € 8,00 per player. All the tournaments are valid to obtain FIGB points. During all the tournaments we are using bridgemates and the running ranking is live-time updated and displayed on a mega-screen. They will also be available on our website at the end of the game.The tournaments will be directed by the international tournament director Bernardo Biondo.

Before every tournament (except the VUGRAPH tournament, during which Fulvio will play with the leader of the overall ranking) we are randomly drawing among all the guests a partner for Fulvio; his previous partner will play in partnership with Vincenzo.
We will set up an overall ranking of all the tournaments and the first six players (considering the seven best scores obtained) will be awarded. The running overall ranking will be daily exposed in the tournaments' hall.

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