COVID emergency protection and reimbursement

All the structures guarantee maximum safety in full compliance with the required legal protocols.
In the event of regulatory changes that prevent the events from taking place, all deposits and balances will be fully refunded.

In our Vacations


 Tournaments each afternoon and evening
 FIGB points awarded
 Comment of the boards played during the tournaments by a World Champion
 During the tournament a team match is held: “Play with the Champion”
 Bridgemates are in use and the results are displayed in real time through a megascreen
 If you don’t have a partner we will find a partner for you
 Vincenzo is available for clarifications and information about BBO and Bridge softwares
 Cumulative ranking of all the tournaments of the week based on the best results obtained on all the tournaments played.
 Overall ranking of all the tournaments, considering the best seven result of each player. Proclamation of the KING (1st placed man) and of the QUEEN (1st placed woman) of the week. Four more prizes based on the ranking are awarded